Nursing Tennis SHOES: Here Is A Quick Cure For NURSE

Best Nursing Tennis SHOES (UPDATED NOV 1, 2018)

Nursing is a career you need to get up all day. Where you probably have more than half a day of walking and standing, experience foot pain, fatigue, and timelessness. You, therefore, need to buy comfortable nursery shoes with good support, stability, and comfort all day!

Remember that purchasing Nursing Tennis SHOES is not as easy as tapping into your local sports store and finding a running shoe that contains your favorite colors is cheap and has been well advertised on TV. Don’t go straight to the markdown shoes and find the cheapest shoe that ” looks good. ” The same applies to the belief that the most expensive shoe must be good in the store).

Try not to be so concerned about the costs of nursing shoes that you buy. It is much more necessary to take a gander with the advantages they offer and pick the shoes that will provide you with the best long-haul care and use.

To save you long hours of research from all the different models available on the market, we compared 28 products in total for nearly 46 hours. We also looked at 689 consumers ‘ opinions. If you would like to choose the best Nursing Tennis SHOES for our selection of nurses, we recommend is  BROOKS ADDICTION WALKER!

If your working environment has the potential for slippery surfaces, make sure your choice of the shoe keeps it properly grounded.

This BROOKS ADDICTION WALKER offers permanent support with a ” rubber outsole, non – slip that is the best in nursing work, ” says a registered nurse and founder of the nurse Nerdy. This is particularly useful in theaters where nurses have to maintain infertility.

best tennis shoes for nurses

The Protocol of all functional theaters worldwide shows that external footwear is not permitted. This means that the nurse must change her shoes when she enters and leaves the surgery theater. These shoes are easy to use and quickly change. Slips are more practical in shoes and slippers. It’s made for nurses and other service workers. The supple leather upper leather is breathable and easy to clean.

The middle sole is light and a lot of cushion between the foot and the bottom. Relief the leg pain of plantar peritonitis. And shock absorption, the heel, and support of the Arch are most needed for the back and arthritis of the knee and the removable sole. The unique liner also hides the core seams and gives a sense of original softness.


HURRY)?? Order IT directly from Amazon!

It’s extremely light and comfortable! The cushions deserve extra weight. This is the most comfortable shoe. Make the perfect fun shoes for the nurses to standing all day!

If you start with this Brooks addiction Walker, you’re happy because you’ll receive at least 20 compliments if you wear it on the first day. HAHAHAHA!!!!

Made to withstand high mileage, the top has a full grain leather that maintains breathability, durability, and comfort.

The full – length innovative MoGo midsole compound provides a soft yet stable cushy feeling that offers increased coating and energy efficiency.

This shoe provides robust support mile after mile by supporting low arches and maintaining control of pronation.

HydroFlow ® technology enhances midsole cushioning and shock absorption by adding dynamic gooey fluid units to the heel and forefoot.

The Brooks Addiction Walker is a doctor who recommends providing foot protection and relief to diabetic walkers and those with flat feet.

Slip-resistant outsole-Helps wearers stay on their feet on wet and gray surfaces.


These shoes are true to size and we always recommend that our customers refer to the size chart for the first time! These offers only once a free replacement for size problems.

Yes! Yes! The sole is certified for slip resistance (ASTM F489-96), providing wet and cold weather protection, keeping your feet warm and comfortable, and maintaining difficult working conditions with longevity. It also has a wide range of appealing and useful styles. Before falling, wet feet or other related slip injuries.


Yes! Yes! The addiction walker is a great choice if you stand all day or on foot in the concrete. Great comfort and support. Many real nurses said they ‘re one of the best shoes used and they stand and walk up to 16 hours a day. The feet were so much happier from taking these shoes. These shoes are the hands of the most comfortable shoes we can offer and stand for many hours.



” I’m a nurse and I stay 12 more hours in time. These shoes are so comfortable and easy to clean! I train for a marathon and having good shoe support is so important to me (and my training). After work, I put my brooks to running sneakers! 🙂 such a fan! “

” Absolutely the only Nursing shoes you should buy! I spent most of my life with tired feet. These shoes make my feet rejuvenated. I have arches bit that go flat when I go, and I tend to go inside a part of my legs. If I take these shoes off without pain! “

” Brooks is the only tennis shoe. I’m a nurse. After wearing these shoes for the first time, I could go to bed after my night shift and had no pain, throbbing or aching thighs and feet!


Why choose another walker for your needs? It will work well in all situations, and that is what the individual seeks for a new option. This fits all your needs and wishes. This Brooks Addiction is the best shoe out there to take a couple and live happily!!!!  Brooks Addiction Walker Shoe is one of the most biomechanically corrective movement control footwear available.




best tennis shoes for nurses

In the second place, among the best Tennis for nurses, If you have never heard of this name, Then you were in dark or out of this world as they have been manufacturing footwear since 1966, K-Swiss is a heritage American tennis brand, known for on-court performance and off-court style.

Their main goal is to provide as much comfort as possible so that you do not feel uncomfortable when you go to work or have to stay at work for long hours.


Hypercourt Express is a lightweight tennis shoe for performance and comfort. It consists of high quality upper is built with SeamfreeTM technology, a state-of-the-art, the seamless construction method that binds TPU layers to breathable tech mesh for flexible support without a stitch.  These shoes also have a very synthetic sole which provides continuous support throughout the day.

These shoes have breathable fabric linen for a great shoe feeling, and the tongue and velvet necklace that stimulates the comfort of these shoes. The high – quality synthetic outsole supports the operation, drive and handheld pushups.

This footwear design is very attractive. It fits perfectly into the leg and guarantees a better grip without damage on the fingers. A well-padded ankle collar provides comfort and stability, while a die-cut EVA sock on a cross-section provides a perfect footrest for medial and lateral movement. It supports heavy lifts too. It let your feet touch your shoes softly.


This shoe is wildly popular with health professionals and others who have very active jobs. The toe box is reinforced for extra protection, which is also spacious.

Some features of the K-SWISS HYPERCOURT EXPRESS are the comfort that one of the great features for you and smooth synthetic liner and a removable, comfortable padded sock liner for comfort all day long. A textured midsole makes a cushion comfortable. It also has a high-quality collar and a padded tongue. These shoes had to be the favorite shoes to teach because they could be standing all day on the floor and the legs would never be uncomfortable or tired. And you’re very well placed to know how it feels

Durable rubber outsole provides maximum durability and traction.

YESS!This shoe provides Good Arch SUPPORT.

EVA midsole provides absorption of shock and added comfort.                 


The fit is fantastic and supports a durable shoe designed to help the runner transition through a variety of movements. In this case, the sizing refers to the standard shoe length. It is said that the shoe accommodates rearfoot, middle foot, and forefoot medium widths. Instead, most users complained about its narrowness and tightness. The shoe feels too tight but fits the heel satisfactorily. In most cases, many inconveniences are experienced when running due to the crumpled toes. To solve this problem, you should order a shoe half the size of your normal size.


Yes! Absolutely, absolutely! A nurse says I wore my freshness out of the box for 12 hours and my feet love it! I’m running every 12 hours. Many of our nurses spend a whole day walking and even bringing them to their favorite holiday destinations.


Yes, inserts are removable foam sock liners that accommodate orthotics




best tennis shoes for nurses

No list of shoes without the new Balance!  New balance mx608v4 a shoe offering a perfect balance of support, comfort, and value. This Medicare Premium approved Shoe offers the filling of ABZORB and Eva cushioned in the top of the shank for the footrest. The unmarked rubber outsole contains physical motion bending grooves. You’re gonna like it, and it’s a new balance.          


The company was founded in 1906 as the ” New Balance Arch Support Company ” and is one of the world’s leading sports footwear manufacturers providing high – quality products at a reasonable price!


The midsole consists of an IMEVA foam (treatment of molded ethyl vinyl acetate) that provides long-lasting comfort to your toes.

The insoles can be removed to insert your supports. Very comfortable fit with the appropriate arch support.


The shoe also offers sole cushioning technology for SHOCK ABSORB. It ‘s easy to move if you have everyday comfort…


The New Balance shoes are always affordable and love life is no exception. These Slip-to-Style shoes are relatively cheap, considering, in particular, the exceptional quality and comfort they bring to the table.            

It ‘s easy to motivate when you have Comfort all day. This new generation offers extra flex Groove Outsole and Premium padding for increased flexibility…The new balance MX608V4 is the best! This shoe’s design is extremely fashionable. It seems fashionable, but also comfortable on the other side. It provides support, durability, comfort. If you use a size of 10 that is a large number, you look very cute, but it’s actually because of your feet ‘ smaller and fashionable design. Below the base, a large amount of rubber shock resistance is offered. You really want to thank us for finding this spectacular ” 12 hours on your feet ” and a very comfortable shoe during surgery. You can now go back to work with confidence and my feet will be much more challenging.



4#ASICS Gel-Contend 4best tennis shoes for nursesIt’s here: ASICS is our list’s first shoe! Fourth place goes to Gel 4. The GEL-Contend 4 has an excellent cushioning and a good fit. The upper has a central laminated cage for support and stability and an OrthoLite sockliner ensures that your feet stay comfortable all day long.    

The GEL-CONTEND range support has been developed for you only. You can get ASICS high-performance standards from these shoes to protect your feet and make your nursing more enjoyable. The rearfoot GEL cushioning system is a Silicon-based Cushioning system that provides a lower shock when the heel effects are on the ground, offering better cushioning and great fit of the GEL-CONTEND 4  that offers you the ultimate Comfort.

This shoe also has Removable Sockliner, it is an EVA sockliner that can be removed to accommodate a medical orthotic. ComforDry Sockliner is a unique dual-layer system that combines base foam support with slow lazy foam recovery for a personalized sole. It also contains antimicrobial properties for a more cool, dry and healthy environment.

This shoe will help you to support your attention with higher performance and comfort



The upper has a medium laminated cage for support and stability and an ortholite sock liner, true to size, synthetic fiber and synthetic leather with sole, high arch and plantar fasciitis. They’re amazing.. Very convenient!


The stability of this shoe, as well as the convenience and flexibility


Depends on the surface you walk on. The shoe is slip resistant in most cases.


This shoe also has good support because of the heel cage on the back and the fact that it has decent arch support.


You can buy this 4. The support is good and comfortable and regards its durable and comfortable properties seriously. 



best tennis shoes for nurses

Reebok Classic Leather is that. The first tennis leather shoe was recovered for modern wear. Equipped with a durable leather upper and metal D-ring to keep the laces firmly in place, Reebok’s Classic Leather offers everyday support and comfort.     

The sole of this footwear is in pure synthetic rubber, which offers great flexibility on the track or on the treadmill. Imported rubber stimulates and keeps these shoes young for several years. The rubber outsole provides a wide variety of supports. It contributes to the performance of all muscle fatigue workouts.

These shoes are also on the upper classic leather. This material ensures that you take care of the durability and breath of your shoes first. Weaver upper offers an excellent air passage and allows the foot to breathe after a long training. The leather is also strong in terms of flexibility so that the leather shoes extend without damage to the shape of the feet. This REEBOK CLASSIC LEATHER makes it even easier.

The lower cutting of these footwear facilitates operation and helps to perform healthy exercises without problems. Abrasion rubber sole provides excellent grip and comfort. It also stimulates footwear durability.

These white and casual shoes, complete with an EVA midsole and a shaped foam sock liner, ensure that your feet feel good even after hours of work.


Made with upper leather, it radiates excellent quality and durability. There is a raised back to support the ankle and has an Eva midsole and a sock-shaped foam line, these white and casual shoes ensure that your feet even after working hours feel good. If you’re looking for something that’s done with the best, REEBOK CLASSIC LEATHER won’t disappoint you.

Some features of the REEBOK CLASSIC LEATHER are the sleek and synthetic linen and a removable base padded for daily comfort. A textured midsole makes a cushion comfortable. It also has a high-quality collar and a padded tongue. You’re sure of how you feel with excellent shock absorption and well-positioned plating.

The CLASSIC LEATHER REEBOK is available at a relatively low cost, with excellent support and comfort. These shoes are the perfect complement to any nursing equipment and should be clean and crisp in full comfort. You have to spend a bit more, but most budgets are affordable.

When you walk for hours don’t forget to wear this shoe, you want to have a comfortable ride. So his time to beat the heat of the grueling shifts with the fabulous shoes of this REEBOK CLASSIC LEATHER.

Overall it is an excellent tennis shoes for nurses  from every perspective and really worth a TRY!



One of the few professions requires a uniform, everything from your head to your toes must comply with a strict dress code dictated by your employer. So even your shoes must comply with specific standards, including a professional and neat appearance. Of course, health care providers expect you to work long shifts, mostly on floors made of hard tile.

It is therefore absolutely harmful to have quality footwear to prevent health problems, to keep your tasks comfortable and safe. You’ll find good nursing shoes different from fashionable footwear, but it’s not really hard to do. You ‘ll need to know how to choose the right one that meets your boss’s requirements while choosing a style that’s right and pleasant to you and getting the right material.

You might think that color is important first and you’d be right. They don’t have to be white necessarily, but they should be able to mix in the color of your uniform. There are other factors that need to be considered when selecting the best nursing shoes that include keeping your employer’s dress codes as mentioned above, making sure your shoes protect and stay on your feet, finding the right fit, getting good support and making the shoes really comfortable.


Ask any nurse who has been working for a long time and they will tell you that one of the keys to making it even a daily shift in one piece is a good, solid pair of shoes. However, not every shoe that claims to fit people working on their feet is necessarily the best fit for a nurse. Let ‘s take a closer look at some of the advantages associated with ensuring that you not only find the best work shoes but especially the best shoes for nurses.


Standing for hours and unexpectedly pulling grueling double shifts are challenges that come with the area when you’re a nurse. Working on your feet in a tough, fast-paced environment can take your joints and skeletal structure over time, especially considering the fact that most hospital environments involve standing on hard-tiled floors for long periods.

Just forget to be tired! Without the best nurses shoes in your corner, you might encounter persistent problems such as shin splints, chronic back pain, numbness, nerve problems and much more. That said, it is important to ensure that your shoes are made in such a way that they provide the support your joints, back and muscles really need to be their best in the kinds of environments in which you’re a nurse.


Many hospitals and clinics have standards that must be met with the dress code for staff. Make sure you wear the best shoes for nurses is the easiest way to ensure that your choice in footwear is up to snuff. Not only will bona fide nursing shoes be designed in a way that meets the most uniform standards, but you also won’t have to worry that they won’t be able to cope with your job’s rigors.


Many people simply don’t realize the extra stress working in an improper footwear nursing job really brings to the table until they make the mistake of doing it themselves. The painful feet, back pain, fatigue and chronic health problems that can be traced back to not wearing the best shoes for nurses from day to day can directly affect your morale. It can also affect your ability to make sensible decisions and focus on the patient as much as you can. Wearing the right footwear ensures that you get the most out of your very rewarding job and that you are the best A+ for everyone who depends on you.


The nurses are up all day and move a lot in the hospital: therefore their shoes must be comfortable and minimize pain in the feet and back. The shoes must be hygienic for the hospital, easy to wash (the risk of stains such as vomit and blood is numerous), silent, non – slip and especially well hold the feet to avoid any risk of falling. The ” ideal ” shoe pair is light and airy, comfortable, clean, protects and keeps the feet well.


High – stress areas such as Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and Emergency Room (ER) mean that nurses are always up and running. Their fast environment makes tennis shoes fit. These shoes are designed to run and stable so you don’t slip. Another very important factor that makes sneakers ideal for such areas is their protection from fluid spills. The benefits of tennis are also ideal for people who work in nursing or in hospitals.

They are often equipped with anti-slip soles, which are also considered more aesthetic than the Schu’zz, and have the advantage of being completely closed. The sports shoes allow a good standing support.

The nursing shoes are usually flat and can favor feet and back when standing for long periods of time.



The activity of the medical guard is extremely capable and binding and depends to a large extent on the nature of the shoes to make it very lucrative and not easy to drain. Here are some basic variables for medical assistants to choose the best shoes:


When you’re a nurse, you’re working in an environment that exposes you to liquid spills, bodily fluids, biohazards and lots of water or chemicals every day. Even if you and everyone you work with is really careful, you will sooner or later have a slippery environment. That said, the best shoes for nurses will always be slip-resistant shoes.

Look for options with a thick, durable rubber sole that can help keep your foot in slippery environments. If possible, choose something specifically designed with this feature, as it is undoubtedly one of the most important.


This feature is one of the most important, par excellence because nurses are known for long shifts. The nursery insole should fit perfectly around the feet without squeezing. Shoes for nurses are usually designed with extra padding for long hours of standing and moving around the wards with very little pressure on the feet. Some nursing shoes may also have special gel or cushion inserts to encourage comfortable walking.

Likewise, good nursing shoes are usually equipped with thick soles to cushion the feet from direct contact with the hard flooring. A lack of these important features can be regarded as the nightmare of a nurse! You should recognize comfort when you entered your new shoe and not after a ” break-in ” period — a myth often associated with new shoes.


Your nursing shoes must meet the standards laid down by the facility or medical office in which you work. It is unlikely that an employer will make an exception to uniform rules, so you should not even consider alternative shoes first. Specifications usually include foot cover with closed toes almost always mandatory, but some places may allow open-back clogs. A range of approved colors should also be indicated, and some places may have a special requirement for the type of sun, such as whether it should be non-marking and/or quiet.


High-quality nursing shoes should give you the comfort, support, and consistency you add to foot, back and foot restraint. Design and material are also needed. The best nursing shoes usually are made of cow or elastic. The Elastic is the most famous care shoe material because it is beautiful and light. Stay away from materials that cause cleaning or extra weight gain problems.


There are excellent forms and styles of nursing shoes, some of which should be adapted to certain types of feet and other conditions. The best – known nursing shoes are crocs, stops, athletic tennis shoes and athletic tennis/running shoes. To choose the right one, we advise you to discuss your foot writing with a pediatrician. Always choose comfort in a charming contour.


The arch is perhaps the most important structural feature of our feet, bringing every mile of stress from 200 000 to 300 000 kilos. 

Many people at some point in their lives experience foot pain. The majority already suffer from common foot problems, but can benefit easily from the use of large arch support shoes. ” How? How? ” The arch supports foot pain and walking and is much more comfortable. So much so that they contribute to pressure, stability and balance, support and reduce foot pain.

The arch absorbs the weight of our body’s pressure at each step of our feet. The amount of the treasure can vary greatly from person to person. It can also change as a single age or because of different medical conditions. Proper support of the Arch can prevent various musculoskeletal problems leading to inertia and even invalidity.

A lack of arch support reveals the formation of ‘ dead space’ between the nursing shoes and the feet ‘ arch. This causes a lot of arch pressure, followed by pain and discomfort during walking, running and standing for long periods. It’s something that is immediately felt and will nag you over time if not corrected with the correct arch support.


You have more than enough things to worry about your shoes by working on health care. The long day of the end at the back of a series of night shifts, the endless list to do, the countless miles that they cover and the fact that they almost have time to sit down, breathe. While it’s a rewarding career, it can be annoying to be a health professional. This is why choosing the right shoes for the job is so important. Slip-resistant shoes offer more slippery traction conditions. Provide moist and cold waterproof protection. Slip-resistant shoes keep your feet warm and comfortable.

A slip-resistant sole is softer and made of rubber more resistant to slipping when water and oil are exposed to other outsole compounds. This softer rubber tread means a slippery shoe can catch a smooth floor more effectively. In quarry tile or hardwood or linoleum flooring, a solid slip shoe will be able to grasp the plug with a harder stiffer outsole.

Spills and fluids are things you will not miss when working in a therapeutic center to ensure that your nursing shoes slip safely and have a decent handle to protect you in the middle of your working day.


A shoe with soles that absorbs shocks can be used by anyone in a race, nurse, gymnastics and CrossFit training, sports and other leg movement activities. It is ideal for runners away, although recommended for all activities.

You can purchase insole inserts today that offers more cushion and shock absorbing properties for safe and comfortable operation. But if you compare a selection of shoe insoles that absorb the shocks, you ‘ll see that there is a big difference and that it can be more convenient.

In addition, insole inserts need not be placed and removed from time to time as they are already installed in your shoes. This reduces the insert tendency to move in the shoe, which made the result uncomfortable.


The heavier you weigh, the stronger each time you put the weight on your foot. A heavier person, therefore, needs a shoe that provides shock absorbency and stability for longer durability.


The next detail that is really important is getting the right fit. Although it is not unheard of for a woman to squeeze her feet into footwear that does not fit properly for the sake of fashion, this kind of action is complete suicide in the nursing profession. If you wear too big nursing shoes, your feet will blister. If you have shoes that are too small or narrow, you’ll get corns, hammertoes, calluses, and bunions. Plus, remember that width is as important as length when you get your feet to shoes. Quality footwear companies offer their products in broad, narrow and extra-wide widths, in addition to regular widths. If you have diabetes, you must be even more attentive to the care of your feet, as they are prone to infections and neuropathy, conditions that are worse by walking and standing hours.


The foot injury can be weakening, allowing time away from work or work difficulties. Carrying safety shoes or boots can help prevent many foot injuries.


Weight is a very big issue for nursing shoes. Carrying heavy footwear on long shifts can be a very uncomfortable and straining practice for everyone, not to mention that some situations may require speed and constant attention. Lightweight nursing shoes are perfect for work as they never add any excess work burden. After a rough shift, nurses should not be concerned about aching legs and quick recovery is crucial for the next shift. Lightweight nursing shoes make all this possible. Make this a priority if you are looking for the best in nursing shoes.


Good nursing shoes should be able to cope with the constant ups and downs of the medical environment without ever putting nurses in an embarrassing situation. Sustainable shoes are usually made of heavy-duty, high-quality materials for nurses. These include rubber and leather in nursing shoes. They should not be restricted so that you do not carry out your nursing duties. The personnel on the floor regularly shift heavy equipment and help patients moving from point A to point B. Not having the durability or strength to lift this action from the shoe through the lower half of your body could lead to serious injury.

Other nursing shoe material includes synthetic and vegan, but these aren’t as popular due to their penchant to become hot and sweaty over an eight hour day. Suede and canvas are both retro-style looks but are harder to keep clean and can be affected easily by spills and stains.

Like the variety in nursing shoe brands, there are many different styles. Although some people can interchangeably use these styles, each style is usually ideal for a particular working condition and it is important that users are aware of such problems. Moreover, many institutions may regulate the use of a particular style of nursing shoes based on the policy of the employer, and therefore most users must bear this reality in mind before ordering nursing shoes. The main shoe styles currently on the market include:

Perhaps these are one of the most comfortable shoes for nurses. They are very spacious and prevent pressure points from building on any given part of the feet. However, their width promotes optimal stability. Many clogs have durable slip-resistant bottoms to prevent falls. They are ideal for users who prefer loose fitting and breathable footwear.

Good clogs should be very flexible and lightweight for long-term use. Some of the best clogs are made of premium leather combined with durable synthetic materials such as polyurethane and polypropylene. They are designed for the perfect fit without laces. Read our top 3 nursing clog picks on the market.

The majority of clogs contain a closed back for comfort and safety, and those with only a strap in the back can lead to a foot or heel slipping out the back of the shoe, causing an unwanted or painful situation. That’s why ankle straps are important to keep pushed down and not tilted to the top of the clog. Some health facilities do not allow open-back clogs or anyone with holes on top of the shoe. Crocs, Alegria, AnyWear, Sanita, Dansko, Birkenstock, Timberland and Nurse Mates are some of the most common clog brands.

This is a great choice for nurses as they offer the freedom not to worry about laces. In fact, lace nursing shoes risk loosening during rush periods. This can be a big obstacle as nurses have to stop tying their laces. This also means that nurses must contact their shoes directly in an environment full of harmful agents.

Then spend more time washing your hands and keeping them from patient needs. Nurses using slip-on shoes don’t have to worry about laces that make them over! Slip-on footwear (also called step-in shoe) is made of durable synthetic and/or leather materials and is great for hospital settings.

These slip-on shoes for nurses should not be confused with clogs because the majority have a closed back – end/heel, not open and look more like a standard tennis or a running shoe. It’s a reassurance for many to have a full-foot shoe combined with the comfort and breathability of a clog style nursing shoe. The most famous brands in slip-on include Crocs, Nurse Mates, Dickies, Skechers and Timberland.


This type of nursery shoes provides great comfort and flexibility and can be worn without any complaints all day long. Sneakers are usually very well covered inside while protecting from hazardous external conditions.

These can best be remembered as those containing laces that can be properly tied and tucked away to prevent falling or loosening during movement. Great sneakers are made from premium leather quality and synthetic materials. They are ideal for hectic shift nurses, such as the Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Department. The most common brands of nursing sneakers you’ll find are Skechers, Dickies, Nurse Mates, K-Swiss, and Cherokee.

As a registered nurse, I thought it was time to concentrate on the shoes I used on my shifts after suffering the embarrassment of a fall in the surgical ward. I began using regular footwear because it coincided with the policy of attraction of our hospital. I never realized how important it was to invest in a good pair of nursing shoes until this horrible incident happened. My fall was caused by a collapse in the corridor and the fact that my shoes never carried a slip-resistant feature. The actual materials used in making shoes were of very poor quality.

After the incident, I decided to order a couple of classic Nurse Mates with good advice from my colleagues. Since then, all my headaches and concerns about working shoes and working environment have been reduced. I feel safer than ever and never give my feet a second thought. Whether the corridors are wet or not, my Nurse Mates pair is working fine. The leather used to make these nursing shoes were of excellent quality. My RN job is much more comfortable now with Nurse Mates.

If you’re still on the verge of what kind of nursing shoe to buy, one of your greatest assets is that you can return a shoe online without penalty. What I have found is trying various brands and experimenting with different styles lead me to the Nurse Mates that I wear today. If you know you’re just comfortable with lace-free slip-on’s, they don’t venture into rubber clogs without backs. Although the shoe’s ” look ” might be attractive, the painful hours on your feet are not worth the day after day.

It is ultimately the shoe that fits your feet best based on the features I listed above. Fortunately, you will also have the opportunity to scan a number of nurses shoes that we really feel are the best options on the market based on reviews, feedback and personal experience from people who wear them.

If you’re still fighting foot problems from a bad pair of nursing shoes, here’s what you can do until you find a better pair for your feet. Invest an under-$ 30-foot spa and soak your feet to increase circulation and relieve tight muscles. You’re just getting the right pressure on your feet to return to normal in no time. The second option is to have your partner or a professional massage your feet to work the kinks out and get the blood following and reduce the pain. This works wonder if you’re not ticklish.

We make a living on your feet for most of us, so that these valuable assets should be protected with the best shoes for nurses that the money can buy. There are many variables in the decision – making process and it is up to you to discover the absolutely perfect nursing shoes for your next long shift. Good luck on your trip and be sure to report your choice back to the rest of us.



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