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Consumer Report: How to Find A Top Rated baby walking shoes hard bottom?

Hard bottom baby shoes are Completly different from in the past model where the hard bottom was not flexible. But Now A day its created for flexible When they learned to walk for the first time. Harder rubber soles create traction for your ongoing baby that helps you balance and helps you take regular steps… We quickly take the opportunity to show you the 5 baby walking shoes with the hard bottom of the year 2k18.

To determine which is the best hard bottom baby shoes, we spent nearly 43 hours comparing 12 products and analyzing nearly 491 consumer reviews. If you want to immediately opt for the best product of our selection, our recommendation is The Stride Rite SRTech Elliot Bootie!! Built for next steps.Best baby walking shoes with hard bottom Our recent series of tests to choose the best hard bottom baby shoes showed us that the Stride Rite SRTech Elliot Bootie is much more effective! And the year’s hard bottom baby shoe is… Drum rolling… Rite Srtech Elliot Booty! Surprise? Surprise? Not really, right? Stride Rite designs and mechanical shoe to meet your children’s needs! As one of the best walking shoes that combines nearly everything: it’s better. Over 85 years of experience! The Stride-Rite mission is to encourage and support children and parents by developing and marketing products that help children to accept the opportunities and adventures of life with confidence…                                      

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After a stride rite, mom couldn’t find her son’s best baby shoe… Rito Stride Shoes will help him develop regular steps for the first walker. Your child will learn to balance easily when he or she walks in these stride rite first walker baby foot shoes with lace closure and all – round rite material. Lightly padded in the sole, these comfortable yet dressy can sometimes be worn or dressed for the baby’s first birthday.

These stride rite first walkers shoes have completely flat and flexible rubber that supports volatile lifts with great possibilities and ensures an excellent balance. This is because the fixed wheel manages the first impulse of power transmission from the ground. The upper leather is flexible and supportive with traditional laces that fit perfectly. A sturdy rubber sole is combined with this, so your little one will have traction and cushioning for these first valuable steps. The self-molded textile sole has a pre-positioned heel cradle to ensure a safe fit. These soft, lightweight soles allow children to adapt to uneven surfaces.

These hard bottom baby shoes are flexible soles and provide amazing support for the ankle. Another complete feature of the installation is that these shoes have removable footbed with the Check Fit system. This feature also protects the foot from damage or fracture and provides complete support to prevent leg pain in the event of weight fluctuation.

These shoes feature that they have moisture-plating wicks. It attracts moisture away from the body. They are made of high-tech polyester which absorbs very little water in contrast to cotton……. Some people refer to drainage tissues as air and sweat breathing-permits.

This also provides easy on / off double hook and loop closure. Another reassuring feature of these shoes is the sensory reaction technology they have. This function allows you to imitate walking barefoot with sensory capsules to help children feel the ground.


COMFORT: They will definitely help your child feel safer in walking. They’re sturdy and comfortable!

FLEXIBILITY: Soft and lightweight sole for children to adapt to uneven surfaces.

PRICE & VALUE:These shoes are of superior quality in a decent range as for the price of these footwear. Its quality is value.


Yes it does.


Yes, in inches. Stride Rite has a measurement chart on website. It will show what size to buy.


M is the fitting of the medium width (normal) W means the wide fitting width. The width can make an entire medium size or larger!


These stride rite first walkers shoes fit my 11-month – old well. Not yet walking, but I understand that it might be necessary to support the ankle to gain trust for children on foot. When those shoes arrived, I was so excited. My husband never really congratulated his children in detail, but immediately congratulated his shoes by saying how good the quality is. I remember old white shoes when I was a kid. They’re very powerful, good quality. My son takes them every day and practice them and I can say he gets more comfortable walking!!!

The shoes are so lovely! Outstanding quality. Their toes scratched on the first port quite importantly (my son climbed the pavement so the concrete scratched them), but the scratches just showed up, despite how badly they looked like they did!…

We compared the 12 most popular baby walking shoes with hard bottom, and the baby walking shoes hard bottom here are The Stride Rite SRTech Elliot Bootie. You ‘re gonna love these hard bottom baby shoes!             


2#The Josmo 8190 Walker

Best baby walking shoes with hard bottom

No other shoe is seen when parents think of their soon-to-be-Walker’s first pair of shoes. The first josmo Walker is the best hard bottom baby shoes. Josmo Shoes is a leader in the footwear of children. The key that distinguishes them from others is their unique style and diversified collection in josmo. They provide the highest quality shoes with fabrics and production.

These shoes have been a staple in children’s lives for many decades. This shoe is an excellent choice with its classic style and nice features. The Josmo brand shoes have chosen a good combination of robustness and durability with a hard sole and leather top. They ‘re easy to clean and help make your child a safe walker.

The timeless original, Josmo ‘s first hard-bottom walker. These shoes have high-quality leather. The leather provides a texture and the shell bottom to help children learn to walk and stay longer and increase the lifespan of the footwear for several years. Another exciting benefit of upright leather that keeps the ankles and feet in the same direction. The quality of the leather also means it lasts longer and rips less than most other walkers. These shoes have an extra supports Stiff heel counter.

Leather eyelets to prevent untying more / pulling off. They have a double colored sole and a matching lace and the josmo 8190 Walker is perfect for holidays and daily learning and walking improvement.


3#Stride Rite Kellen


Best baby walking shoes with hard bottom

Third, welcome to Stride Rite Kellen. Another most beautiful version of the Rite Stride was developed for the new Walker. Stride Rite is considered one of the best brands of hard bottom baby shoe production. These shoes ‘ style and durability are really impressive. It’s highly recommended for the baby hard bottom shoe to walk. The equipment used to manufacture these shoes is excellent.

The Stride Rite Kellen helps wobbly walkers reduce stumbles and falls on them. The comfortable premium foam insoles in these shoes add cushion and deep grooves to move with the baby’s feet. It’s elegant enough to wear any outfit – a great wardrobe win. Stride Rite Kellen is an imported material, thus introducing its qualities.

Another feature of these shoes ‘ quality is the alternative hook-and-loop closure for easy on / off and adaptability. Soft flip shoes are built for the first walkers to liven natural movement. The practical advantage of these shoes is their durable wear rubber outsole. These shoes have traction and excellent grip because they made the top cross rounds to ensure a safe fit. These shoes have edges rounded to reduce stumbles and falls. High leather breathing lining.

Other features of these shoes are that they have been designed to be the healthiest foot shoes for the child, all of which are approved by APMA. Easy-in boy and sneaker girl made with premium suede. Transparent construction with a natural foot shape. Memory foam signature models for comfort.


4#Lucky Love Baby Moccasins

Best baby walking shoes with hard bottom

Lucky Love Baby Moccasins comes fourth! This classic features a signature locking system in two parts, ensuring that the soft feet of the child remain in their shoes. Then, classic moccasin, high-quality soft soles, and elastic openings make it easy…

Most importantly, stay in… So little one will love you as much as you do! First of all, what looks like these first walkers?  they were previously designed as a walking shoe, they are made of soft leather and have soft leather sole and elastic openings that make it easy to put up and take off so that your little one loves them as much as you do!

The feature of these shoes is that they make 100% real leather. Soft and light with a durable sole (litter or rubber option) well designed to feel natural.   The perfect pair of shoes for boys and girls, from infants to young children. A must have a little’ love ‘ in different colors for your wardrobe. We believe that Lucky Love’s baby moccasins are a perfect crab shoe and the first stroller. Get a perfect baby shower or birthday gift for your little love.


5#Converse Kids’ Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox


Best baby walking shoes with hard bottom

The all-star Chuck Taylor Converse is one of the most recognizable and iconic sneakers in history. The classic shoe is a legend’s definition. The shoe has a top fabric, metal wire holes, and a rubber toe box. The all-star Chuck Taylor Converse is the perfect shoe for those looking for a versatile and timeless piece of footwear.

Another hard bottom baby shoes from the classic Converse baby shoe collection, The Chuck Taylor Converse All-Star shoe is the love of wearing your son’s best Sunday. Nostalgic old fashioned but elegant to dress or dress up with a couple of jeans, these baby walking shoes are popular with parents who want their child ‘s power to walk!!!

The all-star Chuck Taylor Converse is also considered the best of hard bottom baby shoes ever to walk. The best feature of these shoes is that they are very light and safely fit the lace – up closure. ITS offers a classic top canvas with contrast stitching, all Star ® tongue patches and linen for superior comfort. Many loved these Chucks ‘ classic and elegant appearance. You can use what you use as certain users stand out.

Another very compatible feature of these shoes is that the Vulcanized midsole provides style and cushion. These footwear’s textile feature makes them soft and easy to wear. The virtual rubber device connectors and the durable rubber outsole offer great to wear and flexibility for immediate recognition. can be used, because it’s very fashionable. Best hard bottom baby shoes! Recommended!!!


And here for our top 5 of 2018’s most popular hard bottom baby shoes. Of course, there are also some mentions–do you agree with your favorite? In the comments, let us know!

BUYING GUIDE: HOW TO CHOOSE hard bottom baby shoes

As children begin to walk, shoes become an important element in their natural growth. They’re lovely, funny, bright colors, full of flowers or their favorite designs… And the children don’t want to take them away when they become their favorite. Ideally, kids can walk barefoot. As this is impossible, the necessary protection and safety of children’s footwear prevent children from harming themselves. Learn how it should be and what errors you shouldn’t make when you buy your child a couple of shoes.


Many will advise you to buy the first shoes when the child begins to ” crawl ” or even because of the fear that the baby or girl will get cold even before! The hypothesis we are trying to make is that the child must have complete freedom of movement and exploration: the body, and also the hands and feet with it, is a tool for learning and experiencing the world. The machine and mental development are closely related. So feet should not be closed on your shoes (awake as you like!) Very soon: they must be strengthened and developed harmoniously without limitation.

The ideal condition is to leave the child barefoot or with non-slippery socks as much as possible when you are at home. Obviously, when it is small and does not move, it will be more natural to leave it with socks; When you begin to see it move, move, crawl, you will be tempted to put a pair of shoes in the intention of the doubt to facilitate the learning work of lifting and walking.

Try to be patient: each child comes to take his first steps in the most enjoyable and with his personal moments: in this sense, the most correct way to stimulate him is to let him discover the potential of his plantar muscles. In addition to national areas, it is excellent for a crawl, moving and perhaps walking, with a first step stroller, on the water’s edge or in the sand of Morbia: you don’t need shoes again.

If your child mentions getting up and walking and usually takes it to the public garden or just in court, you might use the first couple of shoes to avoid getting into something that might hurt his feet. It can happen nine months later.


If your baby took the first steps and stands alone, it ‘s time to protect your little feet with good baby footwear. The best baby shoes at this stage should be soft, breathable material with soft but non – slip soles. It is very important that you take note of these characteristics, to avoid accidents, remember that your baby learns to walk and, although falls are inevitable, we must try to be the best.

Good baby shoes also help to give you the necessary security for this stage. Another important point for this point is that it holds the ankle well, but without pressing too much, so it wo n’t get out of the foot if you take a step, so we avoid a twist.

Remember that safety is necessary when the child dares to take steps for himself. A soft shoe, but it provides the support you need to develop the world. In turn, the shoes should be flexible, in this case, the rubber or rubber tread is usually your best ally, as it also prevents the shoe from slipping on any surface. Make sure your child has no embossed edge or is too stiff to be disturbed or upset. As for closing, you may want to use Velcro or shoes to avoid slipping with them without previous appointments. Make sure that the shoes are comfortable.

Last advice: look carefully at his position and how he rests his feet and knees to understand if he takes a wrong position as a child.


When the baby becomes a little bigger, we can more easily measure the shoes directly in the store and, with the distribution board and according to their experience, we understand if the shoe is the right size: To fix the comfortable shoes, the Space between the foot and the shoe, inside, should be about 5 or 6 mm: the toes and the heel (the members of the foot) should not be too concentrated near the walls of the shoe.


As tempting as it is, do not buy larger shoes for the next few months, as it will be very difficult to walk and could cause falling and traveling. The most important thing is always to find a shoe that fits correctly when you learn to take these important first steps, otherwise, you might be injured during the fall and it will take you more time to develop this experience. Children’s edges can vary up to half the size, so always choose for larger size and since in the early years your adorable little feet grow like weeds, it will be a good idea to give an inch shot to those Shoes that are in inches. If you like to buy shoes online then invest in a shoe horse for home; Once you find a brand that you like, you cling to it and understand its variations over time.


Good quality shoes should be folded easily in hand for young children. The American Pediatrics Academy recommends light and flexible models that allow the feet to move naturally. The best is made of leather or mesh material that allows the feet to breathe while having rubber soles for traction and avoiding slips.


In some stores, high-quality children’s shoes can be found, but they have been used. Generally, only one owner must have these types of items. We also find that many shops sell cheaply, but their lives are short. Keep in mind that superior quality will last much longer, but more expensive as well. You get what you pay for in a nutshell.


Evite synthetic and cheap equipment. It is so important that the feet of your child can breathe. For the best first walking shoes, look for breathable linings and upper shoes made from the softest, high-quality leather that will be molded to your feet. Without adequate breathable materials, the feet of your child will sweat in the shoe and not dry out properly. This can lead to health problems like foot athlete.


Make sure your child is measured and fitted professionally. Before buying shoes, encourage your child to run around the store and get his feet as warm as possible. This will expand their feet to make the fit and growth room more accurate. If you shop online, some of the best websites offer free advice as well as authoritative measurement and fitting guides if you want to avoid the high street or shopping mall with your children on tow!


Two couples of good shoes are enough. Those who have found a couple of comfortable and lovely shoes for your child can buy a couple of the same shoes. Because even the feet sweat when it’s hot.


Slippers are used for smooth and cold surfaces. If possible, let your child walk barefoot or with no socks: this improves the foot’s muscle system.


Just as above, make sure kids ‘ shoes are fun and engaging! We put our children very often in black or opaque brown shoes. Instead, take the funny and colorful shoes and enjoy being young, glamorous and energetic. 

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